I've worked with digital publishers from the ground up on editorial direction, content development, audience development, and the many other projects involved in building a new editorial brand.

The Hairpin

Role: Founding Writer

Time Frame: 2010-2011

Responsibilities: I worked with founding editor Edith Zimmerman to develop The Hairpin's voice and editorial direction. Daily duties included writing five to seven blog posts, including short timely posts and long-form critical and satirical pieces. I also edited freelance submissions, came up with recurring feature ideas, and crafted social media posts.

Dulcinea Media

Role: Senior Writer, Audience Development Coordinator & Social Media Manager

Time Frame: 2006-2009

Responsibilities: As the fifth employee at Dulcinea Media, I helped develop the editorial direction, design and structure of the company's web research tools and student-centric search engine. I wrote hundreds of articles, news items and topical research guides, and also managed the editorial schedule. I wrote many of the company's marketing materials, including mission statements, white papers and press releases. In my final year, I was also the company's social media manager, educating and guiding a 25-person staff on social media best practices and leading individual and group campaigns to promote the company's offerings.