I have eight years of experience as a writer and editor for many digital and print publications. I got my start in 2006 as a music critic for Pitchfork and its competitor Stylus Magazine, and since then have expanded my repertoire to include writing about books, movies, food, politics and technology. Most recently, I founded the ebooks column at The San Francisco Chronicle, where I began contributing in 2011.

The clips below are arranged in roughly reverse chronological order. Click on each client website to see a complete archive of my work there, where applicable (sometimes websites, you know, die).

The San Francisco Chronicle

Client: The San Francisco Chronicle

Role: Ebooks Columnist & Book Critic

Time Frame: 2011-2013

Responsibilities: I wrote a column on ebooks, reviewing five digital-only titles per month. I covered releases from major ebook publishers like Byliner and TED Books, as well as books from up-and-coming imprints and self-published authors. I also regularly contributed book reviews of nonfiction and fiction titles to the paper.


Client: Wonkette

Role: Staff Blogger

Time Frame: 2012

Responsibilities: I covered the 2012 Republican primary and presidential campaign periods, writing three to five blog posts per day and live-blogging many evening events, such as primary results and candidate debates.

Rolling Stone

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 1.13.24 PM.png

Client: Rolling Stone

Role: Music Critic

Time Frame: 2012

Responsibilities: I covered the San Francisco portion of the 2012 Creators Project, a multi-city music, art and technology festival founded by Vice and Intel.

The Economist

Client: The Economist

Role: Blogger

Time Frame: 2011

Responsibilities: I wrote book and film reviews for the Economist's culture blog Prospero.


Client: NPR

Role: Book Critic

Time Frame: 2011

Responsibilities: I contributed one to three book reviews per month, covering both fiction and nonfiction titles.


Client: Pitchfork

Role: Staff Writer

Time Frame: 2007-2008 & 2010

Responsibilities: I wrote one album review per week, focusing on releases in electronic, pop and rock.

Paper Magazine

Client: Paper Magazine & HP

Role: Blogger

Time Frame: SXSW 2011

Responsibilities: I covered SXSW as part of a partnership between HP and Paper Magazine. HP hosted about a dozen bloggers in the HP Mobile Park, an open-air event space for all SXSW attendees featuring airstreams, a bar and live DJs. The HP Mobile Park also featured HP photo printers, which any festivalgoer could use to print photos snapped on their phones. Bloggers posted show reviews and musician interviews to the HPSXSW tumblr and shared festival moments on Instagram and Twitter with the #hpsxsw hashtag. Articles were cross-posted on the Paper website. 


New York Magazine

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 1.35.17 PM.png

Client: New York Magazine 

Role: Contributor

Time Frame: 2011

Responsibilities: I recapped Season 1 of HBO's Enlightened for Vulture, New York Magazine's digital entertainment destination.

The Village Voice

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.50.59 PM.png

Client: The Village Voice

Role: Blogger & Photographer

Time Frame: 2010

Responsibilities: I covered live music events around NYC for the Village Voice's Sound of the City blog, contributing both words and photos.

The Awl

Client: The Awl

Role: Blogger

Time Frame: 2009-2010

Responsibilities: Wrote short- and long-form satirical pieces.

The L Magazine

Client: The L Magazine

Role: Music Critic & Photographer

Time Frame: 2009-2010

Responsibilities: Wrote concert reviews, album reviews and critical essays, and photographed concerts.



Client: AOL

Role: Editor, Spinner.com

Time Frame: 2009-2010

Responsibilities: I line edited, selected photos and provided headlines for freelance contributors' articles. I wrote and published breaking news items (typically two to six blog posts per day). I posted all articles to Spinner's Twitter and Facebook accounts and also live-blogged special events, such as the Grammys and MTV VMAs. In addition to my editor role, I frequently contributed concert reviews, music news and musician interviews to Spinner.

Stylus Magazine

Client: Stylus Magazine

Role: Staff Writer

Time Frame: 2006-2007

Responsibilities: I wrote one album review per week for Stylus, a competitor to Pitchfork, and also contributed several long-form critical essays and features.